A make-up story

A week ago I saw Vivienne Westwood‘s Red Label collection for Spring / Summer 2014  and I was completely captured by the make-up that Val Garland did for this fashion show. Captured is the best way to describe how I felt when I saw the show and capturing is what Vivienne Westwood wanted since she asked for a make-up that made the models look “like an animal trapped in the headlights, trying to flee and trapped”. (source: Vogue)

I also felt inspired. It was one of those moments when I got an idea of a mask and before I knew it it was done. These moments are my favorite moments to create and, usually, my favorite things come out of them. Here is what I did:

Of course, the clothes are the main part of the show and it’s an amazing collection, I just have a thing for faces.

You can watch the fashion show below. Enjoy!


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