The perfect home

In 2013, I started searching for my Perfect Home. I used as inspiration the shell of the snail because I consider a home as a state of mind rather then a place. It is something I carry with me all the time like the snail carries its shell. The search resulted in several textile objects made of netted rope, each revealing something about what the perfect home should be. Of these objects, I took part at The VIII International Biennial of Textile Miniatures “Thoughts – that is…”, Gallery Arka, Vilnius , Lithuania, 7th – 28th September 2013, with Unfinished, representing the fact that a home is never finished, it grows as we grow, both physically and spiritually, and with Three friends at the International Textile Art Biennial – 21st of February – 1st of March 2015, KUNSTSTICHTING PER2SPEKTIEF VZW, Haacht, Belgium. I found the prefect home in the image of the scaliform variant of a snail shell. A scaliform variant is a shell that instead of having the whorls tightly coiled has space between them. I chose it to show that perfection is something relative to each of us, not a notion generally accepted. This shell was an inspiration for the Three friends, the Lovers and for the Perfect Home and its Guardians.


The Perfect Home is the result of three years of work. Started in 2013 as a search for what a home means to me, it became something unexpected in that home is not a place outside of me but within me. Like the snail, I carry it with me everywhere. The installation was completed in 2015 and was exhibited at “Theatre under the moonlight” Festival at Quantic Pub in 2017. However, it looks best in nature.

The perfect home 1

This installation has a second version:

Perfect home

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