How to watch a feeling die…

Feelings are not supposed to last long. They are dictated by the moment we live and we typically go through a lot of different experiences each day. Therefore our feelings will change. If a feeling lasts longer is because we chose to hold on to it, either consciously or not. If you want a feeling to go away, you do not have to force it. Normally time makes it fade away if you do not feed it. Thinking you shouldn’t feel something feeds it just as much as thinking you should feel that. You can chose not to feel something but that is just about as easy as choosing to quit smoking. Accepting your feelings as part of you, enjoy or learn from them if you can, and then letting them go like a person you love and know it is not good for you, is about the kindest thing you can do for yourself… The miniature object reacts to the movement around in an unexpected way. The more you move, the less it reacts, illustrating that trying too hard to hold on to something may not be fruitful.

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