A while back I made a series of artworks inspired by my friends.

Bounds increase creativity is inspired by Navi.

Bounds increase creativity

I am dependent on music, and apart from giving me this great gift of making incredibly good music, she is, as a person, a real inspiration. Brave, never giving up, following her dreams and doing things on her own terms. Navi proves that things are possible despite the obstacles and this is what this work is about – the obstacles we face make us more creative.

Bounds increase creativity was exhibited at the exhibition “Textile for Young” in Kherson, Ukraine.

Another work inspired by a friend is Something about friendship… for which the muse is Andrea Garcia Vasquez. The something being that no matter the time passed without speaking or (OMG!) seeing each other, I feel her honesty and inspiration.


As Marina Abramovic said, artists should have friends who lift their spirit, which takes me to the third artwork, Anything is possible.


This one was inspired by a friend who also could achieve anything she set her mind to, but has this “gift” to bring down the spirit in others, hence the rocks.

So, no matter how much you care and invested in one person, if they bring you down then you have to let them go for there is someone else that is more important and that you need to take care of and that is YOU.

The last object in this series is inspired by my mother.

The Tree of life and motherhood come hand in hand for me.


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