More black swans

Just as I was writing in my last post that I like living in Mediocristan, I got to the chapter where Taleb says that this is an illusion as our modern society is evolving too fast to be stable and is more prone to black swans.

When I was counting my personal black swans, I realized that my dad also had one at the end of last year. I also tend to count the positive black swans, though my dad’s wasn’t one. The dove wasn’t a positive black swan either, but I learned so much from the experience that I see it so.

What I could be looking at is the lack of black swans. The chance of getting noticed by someone who would invest in my art at the Florece biennial in 2019, for instance. That is a black swan that didn’t happen. Coming to think of it, the acquaintances I made in Florence and I kept as friends, were black swans as well. One, I met because her car broke down and she had to take the plane and the other one almost didn’t come on the side of the exhibition I was present on because the exhibition was huge and he was running out of time.

At this point in the book I realized why it truly got me out of the depressive moment last time: because the chance to “live your extra life” is rare and it’s ok. It was the moment I stopped stressing about not being successful as an artist and just doing what I love. If ever, the black swan will swipe me off without warning. The later the better I will be ready not to care, hopefully. Because everybody has an opinion and it rarely is truly valuable.


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