Working on multiple projects

I like to work on several stuffs at the same time. By this I do not mean in the same moment, just the general time frame.

Therefore, in January, I finished Mountain heart and a series of vector backgrounds and digital cards with the bonus of indulging in creating some gifs (see previous posts). I also should have finished Poison heart, but decided to make a Glowing mashroom garden instead which should be done next week.

It’s not uncommon I do this and it is quite beneficial for me as I tend to get bored fast, unless I have a pressing deadline when I am incapable of doing anything else except what I have to finish. Personal projects do not have deadlines, which is a problem sometimes.

This time the difference was that I made a clear schedule prioritizing each project at a time. Furthermore, I prioritized a part of a project at a time. This did not mean I did not work on the other parts or projects, but I put most of my energy from one day into whatever was scheduled and just afterwards when I was getting tired, I would switch.

Do not ask me to stop, though. Like today, I did all I had do and I am even a week ahead with the schedule. I did want to stop. I tried. I started readying The poppy war by R.F. Kuang which I love and which also sounds enough like Raymond E. Fiest’s Tsurani to make it familiar, but after a chapter and a half I had to go back to doing something for my projects.

What I noticed during this time when I was using more than just my brain to organize my work was that it seemed easier to keep track of things rather than keep on track. Sometimes I didn’t feel like working on the particular thing I set out to do in that period and so I didn’t. I could have forced myself, but I wouldn’t have enjoyed it and probably wouldn’t have been very productive either. Instead I did the next thing on the list. 🤷🏼‍♀️

…and that’s how I got ahead of schedule. 😁


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