Sensitive to stuff

Today didn’t start so good, but something planned from before saved the day.

…or the morning only. I was a bit confused on the second half of the day because things didn’t go as expected. Or something. I’m not sure if I’m tired. Phisycally I shouldn’t be. Last night I slept better than in a few nights. Could be psychically.

I feel tired in advance 😃 actually

Anyway, I felt depressed (low energy, didn’t feel like doing stuff) this evening and found things bothering me more than usually.

I think my latest thoughts contribute to this. They tend towards the negative and stuffs I disagree with. So, I tend to be more touchy feely than otherwise.

Ever felt a curiosity is misplaced? In writing, it is really hard to differentiate between an innocent observation and a judgment.

I would say it’s a pandemic consequence if only we would not already have lived more online than in the real world 🤷🏼‍♀️

I need a TikTok account btw… What?! I don’t have one. I’m too lazy to keep up 😔


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