Enjoy the moment, you never know…

I got to thinking why I like La casa de papel so much and I came up with two reasons:

1. It does not have negative characters.

No, not even Gandía – just doing his job. And yes, Nairobi is my favorite character of the series.

And I liked Rachel from the beginning, just like I like Alicia. And omg! so great the scenes with the two of them. 💕

2. These people are all about living and enjoying the moment.

Yes, they make plans and geez! What plans, not only the main one, but at personal level.

And they really know how to celebrate the happiness they feel in the moment even though they may not live to see their plans come to pass. They do not think about that.

Well, they do, but only to find solutions. They do not ponder much on “what ifs…”.

So far, my favorite episode is the 6th one of season 4.

Furthermore, it is exactly in line with what I was talking to one of my friends last Sunday. Actually with what she was telling me. To just enjoy what I have even if it might blow up in might face later. If I enjoy now and not think about the down side it might not blow up at all.

There is no more obvious truth right now than that we cannot foresee what will happen. We plan and we should. But we should also live in the present because what we plan for, we don’t know what will actually happen. This is not to say we shouldn’t plan long term*. Or at least… Medium term.

So, in essence, if you can be happy now, then be and if you feel like making plans and dreaming, then do it.

*At a personal level I consider:

  • Short term – 1 day to 1 month
  • Medium term – next 6 month to 1 year
  • Long term – over one year 👉

The only long term plan I had was participating at Florence Biennale (since graduating the university, at least). I must say I got lucky, and even so, it wasn’t easy.

I prefer medium term plans. I’m quite good at controlling those and quite lucky… more on this later 👉

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