J’aime …parfois

In november-ish last year, I set myself to post daily something I love – at least one, but different from the days before – for one year. I kinda did it until january-ish, so about two months. Then I started not to post quite daily, but I still do it at least once a week.

The thing is not that I do not find things to love every day and it’s not even that they are necessarily something I’ve already mentioned, it’s just that most of the time I just enjoy and let it go. I do not feel the need to imprint it somewhere other than my memory and definetly don’t feel like taking a photo of it. Sometime I can’t even take a photo of even if I wanted to.

For instance, yesterday morning I exchanged a very nice smile with a person in the subway. Morning between 8 and 9 is almost hell in the subway. At least at two particular stations. It’s scary. I’m not saying it can’t be worst, but it can definitely be better. Basically we have to squish in the train and sometimes we have to wait for two trains to pass to be able to get in and be squished by others. And in all that crowd (I dislike crowds very much, unless at a concert 😄), me and a stranger smiled at each other. ☺️

Today, I loved my colleagues reaction of support of me freaking out and the general way they are helpful, but today was a bad day for everyone. I mean there are bad days and bad days for some and then for some others, but today! And, again, it could be worst, but also better. And still, they were adorable.

Today reinforced that I am where I am suppose to be and I love that. Can’t photograph it. Nor do I want to. Not today. Maybe some other day.


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