Heavy heart: muse, love and light

It’s been the most fruitful January ever 😁

The month began with making the prototype of an object which was supposed to be just an experiment that I grew quite fond of and am planing to make more of (at least 5 versions).

I was complaining about working on five ideas at the same time, but last week concluded three of them (well, two and a half πŸ˜„ or one and two halves πŸ˜†).

The name of the project threatens to changes from “Heavy heart” to “Histories d’amour” which is not desirable since I already concluded it’s not about that.

The idea painted here is supposed to turn into a kinetic object. However, many exhibitions do not allow art objects that have to be plugged, so I made a static version.

So, technically this is a broken heart. However, the idea is that inspiration or the desire to create comes from a bad place. Even if what is created has a positive message, the need to create it came from something negative. That is not to say that artists are generally sad. I do believe one needs quite a substantial amount of good feeling in order to be able to create even if the idea came from a bad place. Sometimes, a misfortune can fuel the art created by someone throughout their life. It’s mostly a matter of turning something negative into an opportunity. Because you may not be able to control everything that happens to you, but you can definitely control how you live through it.

The next object I will show is actually called Histoires d’amour πŸ™ˆ because it’s a book object πŸ˜† and this too will have a second version which was actually supposed to be the first version but I hurt myself while working on it and kinda more or less on purpose spilled wine all over it. πŸ’

The concept is the same as above: inspiration comes from a bad place. It is a love story only because I had the misfortune to fall in love with my muse. I am sure this is just a phase and it will pass. πŸ˜…πŸ•ŠοΈ

I decided to not put pressure on myself in order to be able to focus on the kinetic version of The muse and postpone the version of the heart lamp that reacts to the environment and just stick with a classic lamp.

Which is not to say that this version cannot be interesting as well.

This version is on batteries even though I am not a fan, but if it cannot be plugged… 🀷 It is the smallest of the lamps in the series – 20x20x20 cm.

This lamp will have a version painted with wine 😁 The muse is also painted with wine. Since I decided to give up beer and wine, I must do something with the wine I’ve got. πŸ˜„

Most of the lamps will be plugged though. I got to thinking again if there is anyway I can reduce the use of plastic in the lamps, but since all the elements of the circuit have it, I doubt it. The cost of production of the lamps is high as it is now anyway. πŸ˜•πŸ€·πŸ’