What to expect from 2020

I did this last year and I kinda fancy doing it again, so here goes…

If this year is anything like the first day, it will be:

  • Considerably less frustrating than last year
  • Full of inspiration
  • Motivation to create
  • Full of variation
  • Change is in the air …again 😅
  • The purpose of life is to travel 🙄
  • Tinkering is fun
  • Doing what you feel is good
  • Communication is the key
  • Breathe three times before you say or do anything
  • Keep the child alive. It’s worth it.
  • Meditation
  • Acceptance
  • Focus on what matters ( which is what exactly? 🤷👩‍🎨)
  • Full of cat lazy love 😻
  • Filled with art

In other news:

  • Today confirmed once more that family is a pest and love is a drug and I could be better off without either. Unconditional love is rare or non-existent. Loving unconditionally takes constant conscious effort. It has depression written all over it. Although …but I’m not gonna open that can of worms now 😅
  • Anticipation is most times more exciting than what you are expecting.
  • I love putting people on pedestals and watch them tumble. 🤷
  • https://youtu.be/m4VyGJxJzho – “Je voudrais être mère pour mieux me consoler” – just a friendly reminder that I find this situation sad as hell
  • Asking why? is useless
  • Disliking something you have to do is equally pointless. Either you fool yourself by giving the task a positive connotation, if not, just leave in the neutral zone. No feelings attached makes everything so much easier.
  • Support from others is not necessary, but is welcomed, unless the price for it is too high. 💁

A song to define this year: