I do not wanna believe…

…in destiny, but today! …this year actually! …was so filled with coincidences and things that just seemed to have been meant to happen (which is redundant as something that has happened was obviously “destined” to happen 🙄)

Lately, I was referring to one of the three boys that will be born in January (of which two did not have names yet) as Eric (I even thought it goes well with Alexandru which used to be my favorite name, but I just know too many people with this name). Today, I found out my brother and his wife decided to name their boy Eric Alexandru*. Pfff! It wasn’t this the child I named in my head Eric, but still. Also, didn’t tell my brother about this either.

After what happened with the dove ring and generally the events of this year, I’m starting to believe in destiny more and more. 😅 I don’t want to for this destiny seems to want me to stay in Romania despite my continuous efforts to leave, but I am not done fighting!

I’ll show you who’s who, bastard! 😆

*Pourvu que le troisième bébé ne soit pas nommé aussi Alexandru… 😅

Later edit: Not even close 😁


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