In the light of the last post, I realized my mood improved as the end of the work day and week arrived. However, the feeling of well-being was constructed over the course of the day by focusing rather on the positive than the negative. Granted, today was better even without my effort to make it so.

Still, it is not due to the fact that it is Friday or that the work day ends. Or even that I rediscovered Lisa Feldman’s book. I do not think I have ever been so excited to re-read a book. Now, I look at the information different too. But I do this everytime I pick up a book again, just that most times the information bores me a second time. Or worst, I have evolved from those ideas that seemed revelatory before. New information comes fast and changes the mind. Not this time. This time everything that happened since just confirmed what I retained from the book. However, I do want to read more than this book on the subject. After all, the classical view on emotions is still engraved in my mind, has been accepted for millennia and it’s wrong.

Anyway, the well being I feel today is due to my decision to focus on doing something positive for myself today, which was to feel good. I should turn this into an exercise.

I still do not have a “j’aime” photo for today though. I found it hard the entire week, to find something I love in each day. Working does this 😆 actually, mental inactivity does this …wait, no… That is happiness 😄😅