Allez, move on

Unlike for Perfect home/ Community lights, for this new project I would like to keep a record of the progress of every step with its successes and failures.

After spending two weeks drawing hearts, I started making the paper mâché mold that will be the base of the future rope lamp shades.

I was pleased to see how easily I could feel the shape once I was familiar with it enough.

Before doing the rope version however I decided to use some beer cans I had lying around (not that I drink or anything 🤭) to make a version of it out of aluminium.

The lovely thing is that this heart beats. 💗

The other thing I got was what I was aiming to achieve, which is to figure out how to better make the rope version.

I got a broken heart which will also serve for the first interactive object I will make. This object will be of this size unlike what I initially planned, to make a bigger version, for I do not feel it will be necessary right now. I just need to figure out how to move it.

Also, I’m planning playing with light next week as the plan is for these hearts to have/ give a custom light according to the mood/ feeling of the viewer.