The last day…

In the morning, I thought nothing could impress me today, from curators complimenting my work to any kind of art around me…

And then I met Ben Wijnen and I felt inspired and hopeful and with reason to return to Tuscany. 😁 My future project is in tone with his idea that art should come from the heart. ❀️

It doesn’t hurt that I saw myself in his “Soul” either :

The texture feels like the mess inside me. I love it!

The interaction with him got me a little bit out of my head. Enough to interact wih people coming to see my work.


Memorable was a guy who stood fascinated at the door of the room and looked at my work for minutes. I should have gave him a sign to come in, but I was more curious if he would on his own. He didn’t. He just stood there. I guess he was hoping to see a pattern, but if you do not cause the changes of the installation, that will be hard. And no matter how much I would try, if I am in the room I will influence it .


Sometimes the sixth object is annoyingly unresponsive. An upset child entered with his mother. I told her he could walk around the objects and he was happy to, but the sixth objects didn’t want to respond to his movement. Omg! What a dificult “being”. πŸ˜…

However, when a woman caressed it a little, it finally lighted. Aww! What a needy asshole! πŸ˜†


la corda?



To hard to say “Si” πŸ™„

I am glad though that I got the habit to respond to “Grazie” with “Grazie a te”. πŸ™ƒ


Nice young woman comes in.

Looks for a long minute at the installation:

Can I take a picture?




I like the shadows on the wall.


U u u … Let me show you what the sixth object can do!

Fortunately, it was cooperative this time.

The woman got close to it an gave it a pet pet. πŸ₯° It diserves it for being a good… lamp πŸ˜…


Boy, 3 to 4 years old, enters with dad.

Boy runs to the sixth object to touch it. Dad runs after him to stop him.


It’s ok. He is allowed.

I explained but I am not sure they understood English. The dad noded though. The sixth object was all in bloom, so that was nice.

Kid goes to touch the other artwork in the room.


I am not sure he is allowed to do that though.

Dad smiles and pulls the kid away. πŸ˜„


Guy rolls in, in a… well, I am not sure how you call those machines that are not really wheel chairs because they have an engine… Anyway, turns out he was Romanian. He came to Italy to get better treatment for his desease. He was fascinated about the installation and we had a long talk. He started painting to cure his depression caused by being chronically sick. ❀️ I like to hear how art saves someone. And, by the way, he paints amazingly even though before two years ago he had no inclinations towards painting.

Who knows how many people have an amazing talent, but they do not know because they never try?


Words people whisper to themselves or to each other, while looking at the installation without addressing them to me, like:



…are so much more touching because of their honesty.


Though, I had mixed feelings this morning, now I am ready for this to be over. It’s been a wonderful experience, but I am ready for what’s next.

Fun fact: it took two days to assemble the installation and an hour to dismantle it. πŸ™ƒ