Community lights at Florence Biennale – Part I

Since I will have to do this at some point, it feels like now is that time.

A lady just came near my installation and she told me:

These are like magical beings.


Actually they are a community that talk to each other.


I can see that.

She took a picture of the fifth and, by far the most interesting member of the community. Since I favour the sixth, because I have to be an asshole and favour one of the kids, I got up and said as I did what I said:

This one is interesting too. You just have to go behind and bow to it.


So they are really alive!

Yes, I guess they are. πŸ₯°

Another one:

So they are like human figures.


Well, they are actually snail shells… Atypical snail shells πŸ™‚

( This one actually interacted with the installation herself and consciously and some objects were kind enough to follow her mouvement – for the others it’s a bit too dark πŸ˜…)

I spent some time speaking, well, about The perfect home, rather than Community lights. But that’s the main idea and it’s foundation, so it makes sense.

Really nice guy with dreads:

For me they are like fire on praying people.

(Wow 🀯 love that, but I ruined his vision like for the lady with magic creatures. Why can’t I just let people see what they see? πŸ˜…)

He interacted with the installation giving due attention to each object. ❀️


Do they have names?


No, because they can be anybody.

Actually each represents a type of person, like the biggest object in the center shines just fine on its own (and in darkness) but when you get close it turns off, so an introvert. The second biggest object shines fine on its own and if you make a little effort towards it it will give more back.

The third biggest object shines fine on its own, so much so that it makes its light sensor active even in a dark room, so if you want to interact with it you have to bring it down a bit to get more. It has another sensor that is very reactive but the led that lights is so hard to spot that you may not even think it’s trying πŸ˜…

The next object, should react to a pressure sensor which seems to be active all the time for unknown reasons.

(You can tell a person is amazing by the fact that they do not react to flaws, just focused on the good 🀩)

The third smallest object is very reactive and generous but has less potential/ impact than others, though it does much more.

The second smallest is like a beacon, but also of small impact.

Everyone does as much as they can.


It’s more interesting than what I saw initially.

(No, just a bit more complex. I should be able to improvise an explanation that transmits the same message, but that is based on what the people initially see. That would be cool to do! 🀩)

There was a guy who asked if it is for sale… Sure, otherwise it is going to sit in a suitcase. Some people speaking French. Really nice to speak French. I missed this. Some curious artists. Possibly another nice connection in the works. Sometimes to connect takes a little time.

One person stressed that it is important for me to be there to explain. I know. Not a fan of this. Clearly some people are moved by the artwork without my intervention. These are my people and I feel that my intervention ruins their feel of the work. Sure they appreciate more my ideas and the artwork, but I feel they should be free to see what they want in it. πŸ₯°

For the most part I drew. Or wrote. Or went upstairs to spin in the chairs. πŸ˜† More about this in a different post. πŸ˜‰

Back to my work, I have to say it was created to be exhibited in daylight or at most semi-obscur environment, not in a dark room, and so that people can go around it, not by a wall.
None of the changes affect it at the core.

My works since 2013 onwards are adjustable and can be exhibited according to any environment.
The best part about this way of showing Community lights are the shadows on the walls.

On the other hand, some objects, the two with light sensors were kinda of stuck in one pahse. Not bad, since the rest of the installation kept changing. The fact that some objects were relatively stable made it less tiring for the eyes.

And there was also a bulb that would work only when it desired. The purple one. Couldn’t figure why, but it wasn’t the wiring. 😢

I guess it had enough πŸ˜† So, maybe they are really alive. πŸ˜… It is poetic if you think about it… and if you know some very personal stuff about me πŸ˜… #karma

The sixth object is me, by the way. If you do and extra step, I will give you a lot. After you bow, ofc. πŸ˜†