So, I found my dove…

… and it turned out to be a person, although she passed through my life like a fucking illusion, I will probably have a hard time remembering if she was real later on. As a matter of fact, it is clear to me that my brain does not register her as real person. Unfortunately the feelings and thoughts are projected on a real person. (Edit 9th November 2019)

I guess, one can only be so lucky as to meet someone that can have such a huge and positive impact in their life even if for a short time.

Just to make sure I remember her, I ordered this ring made by the amazing Florin from Joined by fire Studios.

And because nothing is by chance, you can see the ring is a string of doves and baby doves. ☺️

Florin didn’t know and neither did I, at the time I ordered the ring, but it explains a lot. Doesn’t help my feelings though…

…at least I do not have to wonder where she is anymore 🙃 She is not inside of me like the rest of my spirit animals.



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