Freedom comes at a price

So, today… I gave myself some downtime as a gift for… Well, not progress with the project(s) I am working on, but with refining one.

It’s not what I had in mind but it works better, so it will do. ^.^

Still, what to do with the downtimes. I am up-to-date with all the tv-series I watch and I am already too drunk tired to listen/ read about anti-fragility.

Therefore, I let the rabbit free in the house and watch what she would do. I was told not to do this because she will hide somewhere and I won’t be able to get her out. Well, she was too afraid to move that fast. Mostly, she wanted to get back in the cage. Cause, you know, one loves their chains and cage once they get used to it.

Anyway, slowly she explored the kitchen, that’s where her day-cage is. The night-cage is in one of the bedrooms, a hallway away from the kitchen. At least, it isn’t upstairs. She couldn’t have made it to her night-cage anyway.

No soon that she got the layout of the kitchen, that the cat showed up. Ticutz is my tom-cat. The rabbit belongs to my 4-year-old niece. Don’t care for her. I love the cat though.

Ticutz does not like winter. It’s cold and there are no cats around. He is not neutered. I love him too much to do this to him. I mean, as a female you may choose that. I myself do not want children. But as a male would you do that? I don’t think so. Therfore, Ticutz’s manhood is safe, but he has to face and assume all the other stuff that come with it, including ‘starving’ in the winter (it’s too cold for cats to come out of the house, he should know, since he is not too eager to do so either).

But, let’s get back to ‘my’ female rabbit and my Tom-cat meeting in the kitchen. The rabbit ran around afraid, then got curious about the cat, whom he saw before. That’s when, my graceful Ticutz played his charms on her and turned belly up in front of her, in submission (‘undress, I just want to hold you’) and the rabbit just stood there. Ok, let’s draw a line at cat-rabbit mutants.

Up the rabbit goes in her night-cage and Ticutz, after meowing a while like it was the end of the world (you know, like when you lose the love of your life), he is sleeping next to me.

The conclusion being that freedom comes with the price of assuming the consequences of your actions, which I do not think that rabbits (or humans) can do, but cats have definitely got a handle on. 😉


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