To the Tarot Garden and back again

I am going to tell you what did happen when I went to the Tarot Garden.

To be more precise, I am going to tell you how I got there and not much else. Not because the Garden in not worth it. Quite the opposite. It is hard to describe it in words. Best you go see it. And since it is secluded and not everyone can or wants to rent a car, here’s your next best way to get there: rent a bike. 😁

It’s what I did. Apparently you can rent a bike from a shop near the train station in Capalbio, but since there is no site, I did not feel like taking a chance, so I rented a bike from Rome. The guys at Easy bike rent are amazing and accommodating. I got a great trekking bike for 14€/ day. I took the train to Capalbio. I love Trenitalia. The best customer service I have ever came across. The train from Rome to Capalbio is 9.15€ and the bike ticket is 3.5€ for one way. The tickets do not have a certain time. You can use them for any trains on the day for which you but them.

There are bike wagons either at the front or at the back of the train. Ask a conductor before going either way. 🙂

From Capalbio Stazione, which is near the sea, as most of the train ride follows the shoreline, there is a 10 km bike ride to the Tarot Garden. If the wind is on your side, it is a really pleasant ride with not much climb. See the way on bikemap.

Screenshot_2018-10-10 Route Capalbio - Tarot Garden

I do not think you are supposed to ride a bike on SS1 Via Aurelia and even if you are allowed, I do not advice it. I did take that road for a short while because I did not think I would like Strada Provinciale Pedemontana either and I was right. However, there is not much traffic on it, at least on that Tuesday, as opposed to SS1 where there are a lot of cars passing, including trucks.

The side streets between those two roads are in poor shape, but I’ve seen much worst. The best thing is that, apart from locals, no one takes these roads, so there are almost no cars.

The view is nicer.

And you can have funny encounters.


Can you see the garden?


I was so happy at this point because it was hot and the wind blew from the front the whole way there. Thank the universe, I got to recharge with energy at The cleaner the previous day. Fortunately, the way back was smooth and relaxing. ❤️

The Garden opens at 14:30 until 19:30 each day (from 15 April to 15 October). I wanted to spend as much time as possible, which wasn’t enough anyway, so I was there before it opened. It was a nice opportunity to meet nice people who love Niki’s art as much as I do. There is some sort of a bar in front, but the place is secluded so there isn’t anything else around. Even so, the parking lots were full by the time I left. A lot of Italians bring their children there. It is that kind of a place, that children can truly appreciate.

I need to go back… until next time! 😉


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