This did not happen yet…

I just got myself tickets to fly in September to Rome. As I do when I go to Paris or Berlin, I just fly there (and in this case camp there) because it is cheaper, but I have no interest in the town itself (oh, the blasphemy!).

I am going to bike to Tuscany to see Niki’s Tarot Garden ❤

I already started daydreaming about it and as I was seeing myself in the garden and thinking as I was standing there, that…

It took me five years to get here because I wanted to share this with a friend whom I knew would appreciate it as much as I do. Or did I know? I hoped… ? No, because I know moments like this, I cannot share. It is hard to explain what I’m feeling. The inspiration flowing through my body. The energy that fills me and that I do not want to put into words because it will make it seem meaningless. It’s just that moment. When time is infinite. Just trying to put the feeling into words makes it go away, so I do not feel like speaking, therefore company is not required. I just want to stay in silence and enjoy it. Well, as much silence as a park with tourists and Zazie playing in my headphones will allow.

See, Niki de Saint-Phalle did this! Such joy coming from everywhere! No one will say she was a happy person. But she was surely worth to be around and what she created… She not only turned all her anger into those magnificent sculptures, but they emanate happiness to people. Not to mention that you can see yourself reflected in so many different ways, you can reconstruct yourself if you stay long enough. I only wish we were allowed to spend the night. It would be quite an experience! Not that biking all the way from Rome along side the shore isn’t amazing, but doing it a third time threatens to turn it into routine.

Thinking back to a nameless 92 year-old woman famous for getting that old, who said people should surround themselves only with happy people, I want to scream. Apart from the sheer ignorance of mental health of her statement, people should not surround themselves with “happy people” aka people who ignore their problems and pretend to be ok because society tells them they should be ok. Instead, be around people like Niki, who fought her demons and turned them into something to bring inspiration for generations to come. She may not have lived 92 years, but she surely has a better influence on society.

Still, one cannot stay mad or sad here for too long. It’s just too damn beautiful and colourful and so much to experience. Whatever goes outside this place, it’s just there – outside.

And yes, being in a park! What more can I ask for?!

I have to come back because one of the sculptures is in renovation. Can’t wait! 😀

Yes, my mind does that. I just experienced what I would feel two months from now. And It is probably nothing like what I will feel then, but for all intent and purpose, if I die in the meantime or, god forbid, it rains the entire week I am in Italy!, I experienced visiting a place I’ve be wishing to see for years now, just by buying plane tickets and making it real: I am going there this year!

I will let you know how it actually felt being there, although I expect, as stated above, to not be able to do it justice with my words. Justice to the feeling I mean, the garden I will be able to describe just fine. Not sure I will care to do that though. Best go see it yourselves. 😉


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