One of those times…

If yesterday I enjoyed a moment of solitude, today I met up with a friend and went by bike to a place close to Bucharest, Mogoșoaia Palaces.

I wanted to go there because there was an installation by Mihai Țopescu. Unfortunately, there was tape around the installation, I guess to stop people from getting close. It ruined the monumentality of the work.

So we decided to go inside the palace because she didn’t see it before. I am not really impressed with it myself. There was also a landscape paintings exhibition in the palace’s upper floor, equally unimpressive. Don’t get me wrong, the architecture is gorgeous, the doors and decorations, as well as the terraces of the palace which we weren’t allowed to go into and the book-objects in one room, that we weren’t allowed to touch. It was funny because Alexandra is a hands-on kind of person and I kept saying: “We are not allowed to do that”. I too prefer the art that one can interact with, or at least is allowed to touch. I had the same disappointment when I couldn’t browse through Ion Bitzan‘s art-books. I understand that this is so for the protection of the objects, because if visitors were allowed to touch them, soon there would be nothing left. Still, it can leave you with an incomplete experience.

In the palace, there is a very narrow spiral staircase with columns that is usually blocked, but this time it wasn’t. My first impulse was “we are not allowed to”, but thanks to Alexandra we just went down that way. People must have been really thin back then.

On the ground floor of the palace are held temporary exhibitions. This time it was a painting exhibition and both me and Alexandra were like “Now this is something I like”.

The first painting that caught my eye was that of Horea Paștina, called “Plain”.

I like it a lot even though it seems it is all he can paint. There is something fascinating about how all the paintings depict the exact same composition, but look very different at the same time.

We also liked Mihai Horea’s works, although the way the “Endless red” triptych was arranged left us wondering.

Finally, we concluded that the two paintings on the left are twins and the one on the right is their brother.

We had another funny moment after we saw a series of “Without title” works.

Me: Artists can be uninspired with words, they’d rather express themselves with…

Alexandra: …white.

Just so you won’t think the whole exhibition was this calm looking, I will leave here two more paintings:

Composition by Gheorghe Berindei
Houses by Liviu Stoicoviciu

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