Something about habits

I was looking over the posts I’ve written on this blog and… yes, to see if I should delete anything. Haven’t found any such post so far (Hew!). 😀

Anyway, I found this post in which I was writing about how I do not access my imaginary world enough. Things haven’t changed much, but recently I started using a habit app to see if there’s anything to it. It helps only if you really, really wanna do something. Like learn German :))) ‘Cause I didn’t do my lessons two days in a row and I started feeling guilty so I took them up again.

What I found really interesting was that I took up the habit of writing Something (that’s how I named the file 🙂 ). When I say something, I mean some thing from my imaginary world. I don’t write much, and I do not write every day, but often enough.

Often enough not to say I do not do this often enough. 😉


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