Yes, your child can do that too!

But you cannot!

Maybe you’ve heard people say when looking at an artwork that their child or a child could do that too. And they are right.

A child can do this.

NIki de Saint Phalle
Niki de Saint Phalle

Or even this.

Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock

They could surely do this.

Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol

But they probably wouldn’t think to do any of it or if they would, their parents would either tell them it’s stupid or not to do it because they would get dirty or just tolerate their activity as “child’s play”. The thing is children can make art. The problem is that most of them grow up not being able to make art because adults disregard some kinds of art as child’s play and more importantly because they disregard child’s play. You might have heard that when kittens play they learn how to hunt. Well, when kids play they learn how to be adults. Child’s play is a serious thing. It’s how we learn and we shouldn’t give it up when we grow up.

Games. Art. Fun. More art. 😀 … ok, ok…. more games 😀 LOTS o’ FuN 😀

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