If the perception is clean – everything will appear infinite!

With all my interest for performance art, I finally got myself to see a performance in my hometown. It’s called 4+1 and is performed by Adina Mocanu and Alexandra Sand.

Through the project 4+1, the two artist ask questions about the boundary, the interdiction, the gallery as a space for art and the role of the artist in society, without trying to define these notions. Through this performance, they proposed a situation to be continued by the public.


When the performance started they appeared in front of the gallery holding hands and they didn’t move from there for nearly two hours. In order to get into the gallery you had to either go under their hands or break the bond, which they didn’t make easy. Inside the gallery was only a pile of blank papers on top of which was a paper with the quote I posted above.


I spent a nice time inside watching people trying to get in and out: most of them went under their hands, some raised their hands in order to not bend much, but the nicest moments were when people were approaching unsure and gave them a look like “please let me in” or tickled them. The thing was that to enter in the gallery or to get out you had to interact with the artists.

All in all, people loved it!



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