Are you calling me a fool?

jester mask 1
When I started doing masks, something like this was very far from my mind, not because I don’t like it, but because I had lot of ideas of my own and I didn’t feel like doing something that was done before. Still, this was very fun to make and it does leave a lot of room to express myself.

I had the idea to make a mask on a mask f1mor a while, but all I managed to do was a base for that idea and I had nothing else to go on, until I decided to go to the town where my parents are from (and most of my relatives) and that for some reason I started to miss (I haven’t been there in five years, I think). My mother’s cousin is a very nice person and she helped me last year, so I though I shouldn’t go empty handed there. She and her mother collect artifacts and have the house richly decorated, so I thought I’d contribute to that by making a decorative mask. I chose a Venetian Jester Mask because that is what my memories as a child of their house inspired me (I haven’t been to their place in that long, it’s weird how quickly time passed).

So, I took the base I had and decorated it with a collage from maps, beads and lace. I added the pointy hat and collar and it was done. Fast and simple! Just joking! It took about a week, but mostly because I have a day job.

Working on this mask gave me some new ideas. I like the effect that the lace creates on the edges and I also like decorating with beads. I did not want to cover the eyes that were cut on the base because it was done for a wearable mask initially, so I added the two blue beads as eyeballs. I find it more expressive like this.

The way in which I decided to decorate this mask sums up what kind of masks I’ve done so far:

Because it is a decorative mask it must jester mask 5be hanged on the wall, so I went to a friend to make a hanging system and he came up with this nice wooden structure.

I enjoyed so much working on this mask that I made a wearable one, but just the center and I have a bunch of other derived ideas that I’m working on right now. And there I was thinking that I won’t do many masks this year because I want to devote myself to other projects… Luckily, I go where the inspiration takes me. I wouldn’t want to waste all those ideas! 😀

30If you want something of this sort let me know here: Sabina Stan Handmade 😉

More photos:


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