The weaver

I studied textile art and design at the National University of Arts Bucharest, Romania. For my graduation project I wanted to create something that would show how I view the artist. Because I studied tapestry, I looked for inspiration to the spider. I documented different types of spider webs and used them as inspiration to create six basse-lisse fabrics of one meter length and six meters long, each.


During the documentation, I also focused on the cocoons, which I recreated at a larger scale into paper-mache objects, to form the body of the work. They represent the place where the artist is coming from, the main source of inspiration for her works. The fabrics coming out of the cocoons to form the legs of the work suggest that the artist is made of what she creates.


The nests provide comfort and safety. It’s a space where the spider is formed, like school/family should be for the human. The assembly is arranged so that the fabrics come out of the nests, suggesting the spider legs and the nests become his body. This arrangement symbolizes the fact that the artist is his work and the basis on which he was formed will be defining him and will be felt in everything that they do.

The installation was exhibited at the Romanian Academy Library, Bucharest, Romania in July 2010.