Lucky me πŸ™ƒ

There are those people that say they cannot understand why some people can’t just stay in. I can. They say that now we have time and we should take advantage and so on. I don’t. There are also the people saying that this way of leaving is their dream life. I get that, but no one was forcing you to go out before. Truth be told very few of these people, if any, could go on leaving like this indefinitely.

I still do not feel uneasy about the restrictions. After a month in, I only began to create myself a rythm and make order in my mind (and room by consequence). Not to say I didn’t take full advantage of the time I had until now, because I did, I always do.

I’ve been told so many times that I do too much, but I do what I feel like doing and when it will be too much I will make choices. So far, so good.

I do miss a lot of things, badly and painfully.

On the other hand I do a lot of things that I couldn’t have done normally and some things I would have done anyway seem more easy now.

If I had any mood swings or down moments, I would have had them anyway. It is true I had my tools to deal with them, but now I’m developing others and those are more stable because they are more self-reliant.

Whatever I do now to keep sane I could probably do in most life situations. I just have to get the habit, otherwise they will not cross my mind when a situation requires one of these methods. Like last Novembe, when I knew it would have been good to do what I do now, but I forgot, consumed by my own thoughts.

I feel lucky because I didn’t have many plans for this begining of year. The only one I had got pusponed and now I’m waiting, wondering if it will still take place. I’m actually glad for this turn of events because it will be better when it will finally happen.

Otherwise, my plans are from September on. There is still hope, that’s why I feel lucky. However, I adjust. Practicing taking one day at a time. It’s a struggle. I looove to make plans.

The one real down side so far is not biking. I do a lot of sport, but with the back pain I have, I feel like biking was actually the one thing keeping me on the better side. I’m not sure. Tuesdays are really hard when training (the gym moved online ofc). I’m thinking Tuesdays are hard because at the gym it used to be quite a light day as opposed to Wednesday when it was very alert. Now all trainings are alert. However, Wednesday is better. So, I guess Tuesday is just my body saying “Hold on! It is not Wednesday yet!” It’s ok. It will get used to this.

It seems like we might just have the time to get used to things…

Another thing I feel lucky for is living in a house with a yard, not big, but enough, instead of in a flat.

I never really appreciated this, nor did I really think my parents chose well when they bought the house 10 years ago. Who knew? !

And then there is this treasure:

Although, it’s spring and he went a little nuts. Fortunately for him, he has no restrictions going out …well, no more than usual. πŸ™ƒ

As you can see I take a lot of photos. More than usual. And with different subjects. Before all the restrictions, I took mostly photos of my works. Now …c’est un bordel! πŸ˜„

I guess it will not be the last post about this… Fingers crossed, though 😁


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